Pay Your Employees On Time Every Time!

Pay Your Employees On Time Every Time!

Simplify the payroll process with B & R in Lufkin & Crockett, TX

When your employees depend on you to pay them on time, you can’t afford to cut their checks late. B & R Income Tax Service will shoulder the burden of managing so many employees by handling payroll for you. You’ll have the freedom to focus on growing your small business and managing its daily operations. Our experienced accountant will crunch the numbers for you every month and handle the payroll process. You’ll rest easier knowing that such a crucial part of your business is in the hands of a reliable professional!

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Comprehensive payroll services in Lufkin, Texas

B & R Income Tax Service is dedicated to providing timely payroll services to local business owners. Our accountant can help you better manage your business and employees by taking care of:

  • Payroll deposits and reports
  • Calculating paychecks
  • Distributing paychecks
  • Payroll tax penalties, and more

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